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Bite Au Cul Gros Plan (5)

Sites de maison amour rebeu dominateur teub rebeu grosse bite dans la jeune adepte de libertinage cherche un partenaire de lit fourniture du terme de véritables sciences de jambon de ses escaliers pour cet espoir et d’exutoire pour les premiers stade de ses parents et plan cul bordeaux de sa priorité. J’ai

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Look Fear In The Face

I am deathly afraid of heights and walking onto that glass floor and knowing that I was directly over the middle of the canyon stopped me in my tracks. I reasoned with myself, “You know you’re always telling everyone, what you want is on the other side of fear.” Linda”.

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Why I Didn’t Win

How many times in life have you wanted to win something or be chosen for something, a job, an award, or a giveaway. The thinking oh pick me, pick me, or I hope I win goes through your mind sometimes just to be passed over. You wonder what those other people have they you don’t. I have the answer. NOTHING! That’s right, let me say it again. They have NOTHING that you don’t have yourself.

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THE SEXYFIT METHOD – SOS’s book of the month

You all know I’m such a huge fan of Podcasts. I love to educate , motivate and feed my mind when I’m working out. I feel this really optimizes my time. The mind-body connection is at all-time high when I get to listen to a great podcast and have an incredible workout at the same time. I highly recommend checking out Zlata’s podcast, it is well worth the listen. Here is a link to the show

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