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Jump Into Greatness

Steve Harvey is always telling you that you have to jump, to reach your dreams and get uncomfortable.

How I came to be at ‘The Summit of Greatness”, I jumped.

I have been a fan of the Lewis Howes podcast only since this summer when I listened to him reveal some very difficult and very personal stuff about himself. I could relate as I had suffered from a similar experience. Listening to that podcast literally changed my life.

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Sure, You Just Go Ahead And Quit

World IDEA Blogfest almost didn’t happen for me. I was on the verge of quitting my Sweat Pink membership because I had applied for different opportunities and not much had come through yet. Does that ring familiar? How many times in life are we willing to give up when we are on the verge of something happening but because it doesn’t happen right away we want to quit? #Sweatpink

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Mountain Top Experience

I like taking all of my Bootcamp ladies to The Smokey Mtns every year. This year we did a challenging Navy Seal Obstacle Course and 5k. Working hard as a team brings us closer together.

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Be A Fruit Loop In A World Full Of Cheerios

Ever get on Facebook and feel like you should be doing more? You see people doing this, doing that, and it makes you feel like your not successful enough or that your life is boring. This may sound strange but rest in your purpose. Rest? If I’m resting how am I going to

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