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"You can go to any gym but come to us and you'll have a plan." 

Jump-N-Pump Yourself Fit!

If you're looking for a fun way to exercise, try Kangoo Jumps! These bouncy shoes are a fun way to burn calories and they're easy on your joints. Having fun burning calories will get and keep you in shape!

“Rebound exercise is the most effective and efficient form of exercise yet devised by man”. ~ Albert E. Carter

Warning: This class is a butt kicker, leg burner, and a fat eater! This 60 minute workout combines 30 minutes of Kangaroo Kardio, with 30 minutes of resistance work utilizing TRX Suspension Training and/or barbells and dumbbells. Please RSVP with your shoe size, that way you know we have your boots reserved. Remember to bring high socks, a mat, and lots of water.

Sisterhood Of Sweat’s Kangaroo Kardio classes are similar to a traditional aerobic dance workout, minus the stress to your joints. This cardio dance class using Kangoo Jumps will give you an intense core workout, and reduce almost all the impact to your knees, joints, hips, and back. You will feel weightless because of the trampoline effect the KJ’s provide. The crazy rush of endorphin’s you will experience leave you with such a euphoric high, you will soon become addicted. Bad knees? No problem! Kangoo Jumps were originally developed for sports injury rehabilitation. So no matter what kind of injury or ailment you may have you will be able to workout in Kangoos and feel no pain to your knees, joints, and back. The only problem is the workout is so fun, that you won’t want to stop! 

Kangoos are great for losing weight. University studies have shown that there is much more caloric expenditure using Kangoo Jumps than with regular activity. In Kangoos you have to constantly use your stabilizing muscles to maintain balance, which will keep your core and leg muscles engaged the entire time, giving you an incredible workout. During the entire workout you are pushing against the T Spring of the shoe and rebounding against gravity, which adds even more resistance. On average, using Kangoo you will be burning over 25% more calories than you can with traditional exercises and depending on the speed and intensity used, you can burn up to 50% more (that equates to an average of 15-20 calories per minute, 750-1500 per hour).

Will I Fall?

No Way! Kangoos are actually safer than roller blades. Kangoos are incredibly easy to balance in, they actually balance themselves. Even for the most clumsy and uncoordinated it is nearly impossible to fall. Standing still is really the hardest part, which is great because it keeps you moving. It may look intimidating at first but once you strap a pair on it will only take a matter of minutes to adapt to them. Kangoos are addicting, once you try them you will be instantly hooked.

Bad Back, Bad Knees, No Problem

Kangoo Jumps were originally designed for sports injury rehabilitation purposes. Because of the 80% reduction in impact you will feel no pain to your knees, joints, hips, and back.


Thursday 6:30 pm Kangoo Run


6011 Tylersville Road Suite 6 Mason Ohio 45040

Voice Of America – 7850 VOA Park Dr. West Chester, Oh 45069

No refunds or rescheduling will be given. Make the commitment to be there and show up for fitness duty and your health. Once you do, you’ll never regret it! Commitment and dedication create good habits that last a lifetime.

Must register to attend Kangoo class. EXTREMELY STRICT 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. NO EXCEPTIONS! (please don’t ask)

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