Mountain Top Experience

I like taking all of my Bootcamp ladies to The Smokey Mtns every year. This year we did a challenging Navy Seal Obstacle Course and 5k. Working hard as a team brings us closer together.

The particular moment that stands out to me the most is when the seal pushed us harder to climb out of our comfort zones….we climbed up the side of a cliff using a rope. As we began our ascent the sky grew dark and it began raining then hailing… A full fledged thunder storm. As we made it to the top.

Standing in the pouring rain at the top was so freeing In that moment you weren’t concerned with what you looked like. Muddy soaked to the skin, you just felt good about who you are and who everyone that just made it up the mountainside with you is .The sense of accomplishment and being fully alive was surreal.

Several times during the course when it became challenging, people wanted to quit, but we made it to the top of our mountain. Sweet, because the cream is always at the top! Doing something like this gives you confidence to climb out of your comfort zone in all areas of your life so you can have another mountain top experience.‪#‎MyStrongMoment‬

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