Be A Fruit Loop In A World Full Of Cheerios

Ever get on Facebook and feel like you should be doing more? You see people doing this, doing that, and it makes you feel like your not successful enough or that your life is boring. This may sound strange but rest in your purpose. Rest? If I’m resting how am I going to do my purpose? What I mean by rest in your purpose, is the easiest thing that you’re going to do is you. Don’t worry or be distracted by what others are doing or not doing. Your purpose, is what you were created to do, it’s what you were born to do and why you were put on the planet. What do I mean by rest? I mean to trust. Trust that you have the skills, ability, and the knowledge to do what you’re here to do. You’re not here to do what I’m here to do, so don’t worry about that.

Give yourself permission be a fruit loop in a world full of Cheerios. Just do you, because you’ll always do you the best

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