Linda Mitchell

Look Fear In The Face

I am deathly afraid of heights and walking onto that glass floor and knowing that I was directly over the middle of the canyon stopped me in my tracks. I reasoned with myself, “You know you’re always telling everyone, what you want is on the other side of fear.” Linda”.

Why I Didn’t Win

How many times in life have you wanted to win something or be chosen for something, a job, an award, or a giveaway. The thinking oh pick me, pick me, or I hope I win goes through your mind sometimes just to be passed over. You wonder what those other people have they you don’t. I have the answer. NOTHING! That’s right, let me say it again. They have NOTHING that you don’t have yourself.

THE SEXYFIT METHOD – SOS’s book of the month

You all know I’m such a huge fan of Podcasts. I love to educate , motivate and feed my mind when I’m working out. I feel this really optimizes my time. The mind-body connection is at all-time high when I get to listen to a great podcast and have an incredible workout at the same time. I highly recommend checking out Zlata’s podcast, it is well worth the listen. Here is a link to the show

In The Middle Is Where You Seal The Deal

If you find yourself continually starting over…stop stopping. It’s all in the follow-through. It’s In the middle that we can’t see the forest for the trees, but the middle is the most important part. Everyone can start off all gung-ho. It’s in the middle when you begin to struggle, and you have to work, but haven’t yet seen results, is where most people drop off.

Jump Into Greatness

Steve Harvey is always telling you that you have to jump, to reach your dreams and get uncomfortable.

How I came to be at ‘The Summit of Greatness”, I jumped.

I have been a fan of the Lewis Howes podcast only since this summer when I listened to him reveal some very difficult and very personal stuff about himself. I could relate as I had suffered from a similar experience. Listening to that podcast literally changed my life.

Sure, You Just Go Ahead And Quit

World IDEA Blogfest almost didn’t happen for me. I was on the verge of quitting my Sweat Pink membership because I had applied for different opportunities and not much had come through yet. Does that ring familiar? How many times in life are we willing to give up when we are on the verge of something happening but because it doesn’t happen right away we want to quit? #Sweatpink

A Chip And A Chair

My son wrote this powerful essay “A Chip and a Chair” his senior year in highschool. I gave a speech at Ms Fitness USA “With A Chip and A Chair you always have a chance.” This was a moment in time that will forever stand in our minds and hearts. I hope it brings something to you today.

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