The power of “Goal Setting”.

“Without goals we are like ships that have set sail with no destination.”

Dreams can be realized. We must first know what we want, and then have the courage to go after it.  It doesn’t matter what our dreams are big or small, we will never accomplish the goals we don’t set. 

Opportunities are available to all of us. So why do some of us have the life we really want, while others never seem to achieve their lifelong dreams?  Surprisingly enough many people just never ask for what they want, nor do they pursue their dreams. Drifting through life aimlessly is easy, because we never risk failing.  Fear of failure is a powerful force. Fear can cheat us out of realizing our greatest dreams if we let it.  COURAGE is the best antidote to overcome fear. Go after what you want in life no matter how outrageous your goal may seem. 

Give yourself a clear cut goal with a time-line of reaching it. Visualize yourself actually achieving your dreams and then go after them. The pursuit of your dreams is a very important part of actually achieving them. 

 “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

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