In The Middle Is Where You Seal The Deal

If you find yourself continually starting over…stop stopping. It’s all in the follow-through. It’s In the middle that we can’t see the forest for the trees, but the middle is the most important part. Everyone can start off all gung-ho. It’s in the middle when you begin to struggle, and you have to work, but haven’t yet seen results, is where most people drop off.

It’s in the struggle that the battle is won otherwise there would be no story.

My best advice  to anyone is to be consistent. The beginning is easy, the middle is where the rubber meets the road and the work is done.

The end is where you have worked through the middle to achieve your desired result. The end is where you do your Champion Victory Dance. It may seem like people have just arrived at that perfect place or that they just fell on that mountain top, because you never saw the work that went into it. The work was done during the middle, in the cold dark lonely hours, in between the beginning and the end.. You never get to the top of a mountain with out climbing. You never get to a goal worth achieving without the work! AKA THE MIDDLE!

The middle can feel lonely, uninspiring, boring, and tiring, with no end in sight. When you feel ready to throw in the towel and are ready to give up is usually when you have almost reached the top.

Rest assured the middle is is the hardest part. It is the part where you work and you have to hold the faith that what you can’t see yet from all of your hard work will pay off. Sort of like when you plant seeds and wait for them to sprout and bloom. You can’t see your perfect work yet, but with water,weeding,sun, and time you will bloom.

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