Ep 247 – If You Want To Win You Must Not Quit! with Body By Jake Steinfeld

Are you interested in improving your brand?  Have you been struggling in your business?  In this episode dig deep with the godfather of personal training, all about his journey, his new launch, and how to make yourself a personal brand and inspire people follow you. In this episode I talk with Jake (Body by Jake) Steinfeld, a tried and true fitness authority, who is known for his exceptional motivational abilities and his instinctive talent of making the task of keeping fit seem simple and fun. We discuss how Jake built her personality up, and overcame a stutter as a kid, and became the fitness personality he’s known as today. He provides so much great value on being a public speaker, a fitness coach, selling a product and building your own brand. This is one to listen to over again.


Questions I asked:

  • How did your personality play into the role of you building your personal empire?
  • How did you end up in fitness?
  • How did you start personal training?
  • Tell us about your fitness outreach program?
  • How can people help you or support your mission?
  • How did you get started with your “Don’t Quit”?
  • How can we bounce back and feel better then ever?
  • What is next for you?
  • What is the secret to a long and happy marriage?



Topics Discussed:

  • Overcoming a speaking disorder.
  • Building confidence.
  • Fitness and confidence.
  • Dealing with jealousy.
  • Becoming a body builder.
  • Personal training.
  • Empowering students through fitness.
  • Healthy protein shakes.


Quotes from the show:

  • “Failure is not death.” @BodyByJake @SisterhoodSweat
  • “Stuttering is not something to make fun of.” @BodyByJake @SisterhoodSweat
  • “Success breeds success.” @BodyByJake @SisterhoodSweat
  • “Success is failure turned inside out.” @BodyByJake @SisterhoodSweat
  • “Life is about moments and decisions.” @BodyByJake @SisterhoodSweat
  • “Every person is a brand.” @BodyByJake @SisterhoodSweat


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